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Olives black kalamon 1kg

Olives black kalamon 1kg
Olives black kalamon 1kg
Olives black kalamon 1kg
Olives black kalamon 1kg
Olives black kalamon 1kg

The variety of edible olives produced only in our country and is traditionally export product and is firmly at the top-quality, Class “olives” in world rankings. The physical characteristics of the olive stems are large shape, beautiful black color obtained in the tree, and the rich taste of the hard texture. They are processed by natural fermentation and packed with brine, vinegar and olive oil. The Kalamata olive is also pitted and sliced​​, products quite widespread in the food market. The Kalamata olives available Vayia Food SA is collected by the famous grove incense and olive trees in the surrounding area.

Olives typeBlack kalamon
Packing olives150γρ
Per 100gr.
Salt (g)2,0
Energy (kj / kcal)1078 / 262
Fat (g)23,4
Protein (g)1,1
Carbohydrate (g)11,6

The quality of the olive fruit and olive oil is accomplished with the application of specific measures in all stages, from the production of the olive fruit to its final processing.


To ensure these quality characteristics, VAGIAS implements ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 22000: 2008 quality systems. All production processes are carried out with the use of state of the art equipment and personnel collaboration, which guarantee the hygiene and quality of the final product and environmental protection.


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